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23andmore: Getting the most out of your 23andme results

Did you know that it is possible to extract much more information from your data than what is provided in their health reports? Many people do not realize that 23andme sequences all of their genes and gives them access to this raw data. There are several strong secondary website engines that can use this data to give you specific health information as well as nutrition and fitness recommendations.

One personalized health tool is Livewello ( For an initial fee of $19.95, this website allows you to link your data and then search it for specific health conditions and variance reports such as obesity, vitamin levels, and methylation status. To receive additional information, a health reports subscription costs $5.95 per month or $60 per profile per year.

Promethease is a comprehensive search engine that can read your data and generate a lengthy, searchable report linking your genes to specific health outcomes. Generation of the report costs $5.00. You can also click on most SNPs to access SNPedia, an informative site that investigates human genetics and catalogs information about the effects of variations in DNA, citing peer-reviewed scientific publications. However the Promethease report also includes medical information that some people prefer not to see such as risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, the amount of information can also feel overwhelming since there are no generated health reports or recommendations.

One final platform is PureGenomics (, an offering from Pure Encapsulations, which analyses your DNA for about 20 genes having to do with vitamins, minerals, methylation, antioxidants, and weight loss. PureGenomics can tell you if your body may have trouble synthesizing specific vitamins and if you need to increase the amount in your diet. It can also tell you if you carry certain gene variants that predispose you to being overweight, and if so, what specific dietary strategies you can use to overcome this genetic influence. Pure Genomics is only available through accredited health professionals. Nutrigenetics Specialists offer a special PureGenomics package for only $29 which gives clients access to the PureGenomics information including reports with supplement and weight loss recommendations.

Nutrigenetics Specialists strives to provide our clients with the most up to date, relevant, and researched genetics-based nutrition and fitness recommendations. As experienced dietitians, we can help you translate your complex genetic information into actionable, every day diet and exercise goals.

Contact us today to learn more about how to maximize your results!

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