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What is Nutrigenetics?


Nutrigenetics is a new scientific field which uses DNA analysis to determine the relationship between specific genes, nutrition and health. All individuals are unique and respond to foods differently than others.  For example, some people can easily digest the lactose found in milk, while others experience gastrointestinal discomfort after consuming dairy products.


Nutrigenetics allows us to understand how your genes affect the way you respond to the foods and supplements you consume.  It also allows us to optimize your health by making dietary and lifestyle recommendations that are completely tailored to your individual DNA makeup. 

  • Are you drinking too much coffee? 

  • Are you at risk for a vitamin deficiency?

  • Is your blood pressure sensitive to salt intake? 

  • Will you lose more weight by eating more protein or fat?

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Studies have found that people given personalized nutrition information are more successful at losing weight and maintaining lifestyle changes to improve health.

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